Do you like hanging out with him?

Today the weather was too bad to make it all the way to either Bozeman or Butte, where the two closest Orthodox churches are. So it was a lazy, grey Sunday with Scott and the kids.

And I sometimes wonder, do other wives actually like hanging out with their husbands? I mean, I really enjoy it. The snow is blowing hard and Scott has had to plow the road several times today, just to keep it open for tomorrow. But we did head out to pick up a few things we need and even when we just go into the store for five minutes, I always kind of hope he asks me to come with him just so I can hold his hand.

When we got home. he asked if I wanted to come with him to feed the animals. A ride in the plow/4 wheeler with my husband! Yes! He snapped this one of us when were done.

After that, we came in and the baby needed some love. Scott calls this a “sock feeties” afternoon.

And then, I sat down to do some studying on my laptop and asked him to sit next to me. I draped my leg over his, and he put is hand on my thigh.

I love this, because it reminds me of when we started dating. The previous several days were pretty hectic with all of us going this way and that, so when we have the chance, we like to “reconnect.”

Ladies–what were the things you liked to do with your husband when you were dating? Can you remember them? Does remembering them make you think the same thoughts and have the same feelings you did then? Let your mind wander. I bet your husband will appreciate it.

One thought on “Do you like hanging out with him?

  1. Ladies–what were the things you liked to do with your husband when you were dating?

    Long walks around a nearby lake. Occasionally fishing. Watching old “Twilight Zone” episodes. Me watching him play pickup basketball games with friends.

    We actually have a great time hanging out together and are very grateful for the life and love we share. We are very aware of how blessed we are to have each other.

    You two are very cute and a great example of keeping love alive in the midst of the hustle and bustle of parenting multiple young children. You are to be saluted.


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