T minus three days…

On Friday, we will put all of our livestock in the stock trailer. We have already conducted a test run, and they all fit. But before that, here is what happened this past week.

My retirement party was a success. The attendance was a little better than expected and the show of support was  overwhelming. I don’t deserve such friends. We had it at the church, and toasted our farewells with Serbian plumb brandy. And at the end of the night, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to gnaw on the various awards and devices on my uniform. I said “knock yourself out, sweetheart. This is the last time I will be wearing this thing, maybe forever.”

Looks like candy, I guess.

The next day, we went out to breakfast with the company that remained from the party, including my friend Rebekah from high school, and my brother Alex. (He’s the one my son Aleksandar is named after). I snapped a shot of them all in deep conversation, with all four of my children at the table at the same time. It was a satisfying moment.

My truck has been in the shop for SIX WEEKS and I just got it back yesterday. Near the end, we were actually considering a last minute trade-in for something else. In fact, I had it hauled from the dealership that was having trouble diagnosing it to a smaller dealership with older, more seasoned diesel mechanics. In the end, it cost me 3200 bucks for something that was truly about a 600 dollar job. The lesson here is, all the sophisticated diagnostics in the world don’t mean crap if you don’t have experienced people to think outside the box of just reading codes and looking in manuals. She is back on the farm and ready for her big livestock pulling trek across country. I even got her washed:

Ljubomir One, prepped for maiden voyage.

It was ALSO Aleksandar’s third birthday, which we might have forgotten, but did not let it slip without a robot birthday cake:

Meanwhile, all the usual mundane and beautiful scenes of life kept on going:

But the big news is all the stuff happening in Montana, while I manage it all from here. The foundation for the barndominium was poured:

The barn pieces were completed and shipped on down the road from Great Falls to Helena:

And assembled yesterday and today:

Those pics were sent to me today from the barn builder.

Oh, and one more thing. The movers came today.

All of that happened in the span of eight days. More to come. Maybe from the road.