The Official Ljubomir Farms Livestock Hauler

My son, David and I went out and bought a used, and very rusty 30 foot gooseneck stock trailer today. It will become the official livestock hauler of Ljubomir Farms:

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and snapped a few more.

Its pretty rough, but I know a guy down in Liberty Hill who brings these old trailers back to life with a little sandblasting, paint and replacing the plastic trim and running lights/lenses. Here are some before and after examples of his work.





A couple of years ago he did an old two horse trailer I had. So I am confident this old thing will look fantastic when I get it back. I am dropping it off after church tomorrow and I will take some more pictures of the finished product. We will be hauling the entire Ljubomir ensemble of creatures all the way to Montana in it at the end of the summer.

Here’s his Craigslist ad for anyone local who wants to restore something:

Larry the guy who sandblasts and repaints trailers


6 thoughts on “The Official Ljubomir Farms Livestock Hauler

  1. The resto-mod trailer will no doubt look great. Too bad the animals won’t respect that.

    I didn’t think I was following too closely at all the other day when a large bovine relieved itself in just such a trailer. I avoided the large wet streaks on the road, but you can’t necessarily see the resultant fine mist in the atmosphere. You sure know when you’ve ridden through it though.


    • LP-

      It also needs a new floor. The planks are OK, but they have about an inch between them. It was used for cattle and that’s just not a good floor for horses. I will stack them right next to each other and then put a rubber mat on top. You just hose it out at when your trip is over. No poop coming out the bottom en route.


      • Just dropped it off and estimate is 3200 for sand blast, paint, new wiring and lights, re pack wheel bearings. and diamond plate accent.

        I will re do the floor myself for about 300.

        So for about 5500 I will have trailer worth about 15000.


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