What is beautiful to my husband is sublime to God

Being married to a man with a eye for the aesthetic as distinct from “stylish” or “attractive” is beginning to have an effect on me.

Scott has been dreaming his whole life about a day when he is sitting in a great room, with a roaring fire in a huge rock fireplace, animal mounts on the wall, snow all around outside surrounded by everyone he loves for Christmas. He perceives this moment in the future as a done deal–one that is going to happen someday–and one that sort of floats above the earth in a suspended aesthetic perfection. It transcends time and space so its only a matter of time until we catch up in the temporal world and are present for it. 

He’s the more sophisticated and less goofy version of Clark Griswold. He fantasizes about these moments of perfection and then goes out and creates them.

Today, he and our son David assisted Fr Drago with serving the divine liturgy, and it is becoming easier and easier for me to see things the way he does.

Waiting for the start of liturgy.


The pre-consecrated host waiting to be brought out during the grand entrance.

The little entrance with man and his boy.

David hands Fr Drago the bread for blessing.

And here’s something else interesting about Scott. There is a movement in the “smells and bells” part of Orthodoxy–the folks who think that the liturgy is “cool” for re-establishing the time honored tradition (and truthfully, its a commandment) of women wearing head coverings that discusses all of the wonderful aesthetics of wearing them except the most important part–obedience.

Scott takes pictures like this:

And notices something I don’t. He says what he believes is beautiful about this photo is the obedience is shows. You see, he told me a couple of years ago he wanted me to start covering my head in church as the fathers command, and I resisted a little. They are actually kind of a pain. The baby grabs at it. It feels awkward. But I finally started making it a habit every Sunday, and to him, it is beautiful. Not because it is a pretty head covering, but because he wants me to wear it, and I do. Every tiny bit of less stress he has, and that I can provide makes our home more livable.

And today, we got home and as we all relaxed on the couch after another wonderful day with our church family, he snapped this one:

Me and my two daughters as seen through the eyes of my husband.

And I must say. If you have a man in your life, his sense of the sublime is probably closer to Gods than you realize. Just let him express it and you may be surprised what you uncover.


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