Seamus the Nigerian Dwarf

Yesterday we decided to pick up a new billy and we named him Seamus. We want to breed more blue-eyed kids and sell them when we get to Montana. This guy was coming in at a steal.

He was kind of resistant to being introduced to all our girls goats. Scott took some video:

We still had about 50 feet to go when things got violent:

Eventually we got him in and and calmed down. He seems to like his new home now.

Seamus in the goat pasture

I snapped this photo of my husband looking as tough as ever:

Can’t believe this Texas cowboy on his ranch is going to be 47 this year.

Once we were sure Seamus was going to be OK, we sat down and looked at it all. Its becoming kind of a tradition.  Slow down, enjoy the scene, love each other, repeat.

We hope everyone continues to enjoy the Lent season as we approach the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior. Keep an eye out for a new batch of bonnets as they are added. God Bless!

Ljubomir Farms Bonnets


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