A little something different.

This one is for the ladies, in particular the married ones who read here. I don’t normally talk about relationship stuff on here, and its kind of a policy. This is our farm blog. But family and relationships are part of what makes this us, so I wanted to share something with you.

I was looking through our wedding photos tonight, and I notice something I never really saw before. I look at my husband like this–A LOT.

That first one was snapped during a staging moment for another photo where the groomsmen would be “handing me over” to Scott. But he lifted me up and put me in their arms like I was a rag doll. Here I am doing it again:

I can’t help it. And most of the time I do it when I think he wont notice, because I feel silly.  Notice how in both photos he is not looking back at me.

And it has lasted. Here I am again, 12 years later looking like a high schooler infatuated with my new boyfriend:


I am not sure why. But this look says “you are leading. I am just waiting to see what crazy thing you have planned for us next.”

And I think you can cultivate it in yourself if you aren’t already like this. Next time your husband walks in the door, give him the doe eyes. If you let yourself do it, I think you will feel like you did back when he first caught your attention. There is no need to withhold this.




8 thoughts on “A little something different.

  1. Your doe eyes are so cute! And you’re right.

    Not sure I have doe eyes but I have received a comment or two (or more) about how I look at SAM. He certainly is the kind of man who makes me wonder what he’s going to do next.

    For the ladies who are not married to that kind of man, eyes of admiration are just as good.

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  2. We are kind of busy right now. But my husband, while we were sitting at a light, watched tens of cars pass a woman broken down in the middle of a busy road.

    Three guesses what we are doing. Right now…yep.

    💕 him for being that guy.

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  3. Thing is, most men don’t inspire that kind of devotion from a woman, and they never will.

    Most women wouldn’t “lower themselves” to show that kind of devotion to a man who would marry them, because they’ve never been trained to do so and don’t want to do so. Most women reserve that kind of devotion and doe eye looks for men who have sex with them, but will not commit to them.


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