Merry Christmas

To all in the western traditions who celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior this night, we wish you a Merry Christmas.



A little something different.

This one is for the ladies, in particular the married ones who read here. I don’t normally talk about relationship stuff on here, and its kind of a policy. This is our farm blog. But family and relationships are part of what makes this us, so I wanted to share something with you.

I was looking through our wedding photos tonight, and I notice something I never really saw before. I look at my husband like this–A LOT.

That first one was snapped during a staging moment for another photo where the groomsmen would be “handing me over” to Scott. But he lifted me up and put me in their arms like I was a rag doll. Here I am doing it again:

I can’t help it. And most of the time I do it when I think he wont notice, because I feel silly.  Notice how in both photos he is not looking back at me.

And it has lasted. Here I am again, 12 years later looking like a high schooler infatuated with my new boyfriend:


I am not sure why. But this look says “you are leading. I am just waiting to see what crazy thing you have planned for us next.”

And I think you can cultivate it in yourself if you aren’t already like this. Next time your husband walks in the door, give him the doe eyes. If you let yourself do it, I think you will feel like you did back when he first caught your attention. There is no need to withhold this.



Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main, new products on the store site!

We had a great time at Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main last Saturday. We met a lot of nice people and sold some goodies.

The weather was great and even though Scott was a little under the weather, he stuck it out and did the heavy lifting as always. At the end of the day we packed it up and said goodbye to new friends.

And now we are ready to fully introduce the Mikey and Me Collection, which has its own dedicated page on the store site:

Mikey and Me.

There are some additional new products online just in time for Christmas, like these pillows:

Square Christmas Pillows

So come by and take a look! Take care,


Scott and Mychael.

Two days until Christmas on Main!

This week was crazy. We had to jam three weeks into one, because Scott was pulled away at the last minute for a two mission in California. So, we had to get out to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and get our tree:

Scott and David tie the tree to the top of the car.

We had to get the house decorated, outside and in. We also had to pick up a couple of new Americanas, because we have had bad luck with chicks from the big chain stores (out of eleven, only 4 lived). So we went back to see our friends Gordon and Tiffany Lester at Hill Country Feed and picked up two that almost ready to start to laying. The local hatchers tend to take better care of their birds.

And all the while, Mychael picked up a couple of mid-week shifts at the hospital and continued to sew her butt off making the last few items to sell this Saturday at Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main.

Cloth baby rattle cubes and Christmas wands.

And now, Scott is sick, which pretty much means a lot of the heavy lifting/outside farming stuff grinds to a halt. We hope he gets better before Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing anyone willing to come out. Its supposed to be a pretty nice day.

So this evening, we finished decorating the tree and built a fire.

1100 lights on our 12 foot tree!

Little pyros.

I think we are caught up, sort of. Just one last push til the big day. We hope to see you there!

Scott and Mychael