Mikey & Me coming to Ljubomir

We’ve extended our product line just in time for Christmas.

Welcome, Mikey & Me.

When I was growing up my nickname was Mikey. Yes I was a freckle-faced kid who loved to eat. I also loved to create. I grew up in a home with an artist, my mom. So it was inevitable that we would be on this venture together. Anyway, this is the culmination of a life long love of creating & wanting to make toys for kids that are reminiscent of times past.

Little Mikey

We’re happy to introduce Beula & Shamus. Beula in the finished product will be a bit different then the one pictured. Each one made will have an original outfit on with special one of a kind outfits to purchase.


Shamus is also a one of a kind for each one ordered:

Down the line we’ll have Ruck blocks, Ally’s alphabet & Rufus rattle blocks. Keep checking back on our paid site for new posts on our upcoming line.

Ljubomir Store Site



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