Kindness Ammunition

Since our site is basically a homesteading/survival oriented one, many of our readers are pretty avid shooters.

AND since the proprietors here are family (Tara, in the video is Mychael’s cousin, and her husband, David is the guy who came up with the idea) have a look at this-

Here is their Indiegogo site:

Kindness Ammunition

Of course, I have always loved that awesome putrid smell of lead dust while at the indoor ranges. Its all part of the experience. Smells like bad guys dying. But, its probably bad for you, especially if you shoot a lot.



Sweetberry Farm

For the 7 years we have lived in central Texas, we have gone to Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls every October for pumpkin hunting.

Its over an hour from our place, but it is one of those holdovers of basic civility and wholesome values (the original owner was a baptist minister) that feels a little like America probably used to feel not far back in time. They have pony rides, flower picking, a “berry jump,” corn maze, hay ride, and a number of other activities to keep you busy before you pick your pumpkins and head out. Parking is free, and the attractions are not too pricey either. Here’s what our visit looked like this year.

Last year, blogger pal Cane Caldo and his family joined us, but his kids are a little old for pony rides and face painting now.

They also have berry picking in the spring. We supplement our jellies that way. Hope you get the time to head out.

Sulpher Creek Taxidermy and Processing

Today me and the two smaller versions of myself had some errands to run. First we headed to D&D Feed Store to pick up a few bales of hay and some bags of feed.

After that it was time to pick up our processed venison. Over the years we have lived here, I have used several different processors along the 190 corridor between Copperas Cove and Lampasas, and I have not found one that beats Sulphur Creek Taxidermy and Processing. The various sausages and jerkies are really where the difference is, in my opinion. And you cannot beat Jed’s perfected versions of summer sausage and snack rings.

Snack ring and summer sausage.

My oldest boy, David, sort of remembers this place from last time, so he cautiously peered through the window first. The deer are processed right on the other side of that window and it’s pretty gruesome.

Making sure the coast is clear.

Jed is also getting into the beekeeping thing, so I bought a bottle of his honey:

Honey pollenated right here in central Texas.

If you deal with seasonal allergies, bee from local hives is the way to relieve it–trust me.  The taxidermy is high quality, and Jed has a large display of his work.

I snapped a photo with Jed and my boys, and we were off.

Jed, David and Aleks.

Now, David and Aleks love helping me unload the truck and riding on the tractor. So, once we got back from Sulphur Creek, we had lunch and got to work. I had “gam” (MIL) take some videos and then I merged it together with the trial version of Movavi software (hence the obnoxious trial overlay). I will probably buy the full version because I found it to be very easy to work with–a lot of clicking and dragging–simple. That’s what I need because I am not a tech geek.

And now the animals are fed, and the freezer stock just got a little bigger.

If you bag a deer anywhere near here, (Fort Hood/Cove/Kempner/Lampasas) go see Jed. You will not regret it, even if you have to drive a little further.

Mikey & Me coming to Ljubomir

We’ve extended our product line just in time for Christmas.

Welcome, Mikey & Me.

When I was growing up my nickname was Mikey. Yes I was a freckle-faced kid who loved to eat. I also loved to create. I grew up in a home with an artist, my mom. So it was inevitable that we would be on this venture together. Anyway, this is the culmination of a life long love of creating & wanting to make toys for kids that are reminiscent of times past.

Little Mikey

We’re happy to introduce Beula & Shamus. Beula in the finished product will be a bit different then the one pictured. Each one made will have an original outfit on with special one of a kind outfits to purchase.


Shamus is also a one of a kind for each one ordered:

Down the line we’ll have Ruck blocks, Ally’s alphabet & Rufus rattle blocks. Keep checking back on our paid site for new posts on our upcoming line.

Ljubomir Store Site


More from the newbie chronicles

As most of our readers know, part of the fun of this blog is that we are basically new at the whole hobby farming/sustainable living/prepping for the end of the world thing. Plus we are both southern California natives–and that means everything you think it means. Mychael was a beach beauty/part time model/girl from Long Beach and I was the basic SoCal counterpart to that growing up. Not farmers. Not ranchers. So this whole thing is completely out of our element for us.

Enter–antibiotics for chickens with eye sores.

MicrocynAH Opthalmic Gel

Took us a half hour to find this stuff at Tractor Supply. Wandering through the aisles of equine medicines, electric fencing materials, air compressors and coveralls. I always feel like a retard. Finally, we found the chicken medicine section.

You see, the current batch of chicks have been getting beat up by our Plymouth Rocks. (That’s a chicken breed, if you don’t know). They get pecked around the eyes a lot and it looks pretty bad. So we are shoring up the area where the chicks live, and Mychael and Kenna applied this stuff to them today.

I took some pictures, and also played around with some editing/overlays.

Headed out to the coop.

This is the little holding pen the chicks live in during the day

First one wasn’t too bad

This one had pretty bad eye sores.

And the worst one.

A little TLC from “mommy” and Kenna, and they were feeling much better.

44, pregnant out to here, no makeup, pony tail, and I still can’t take my eyes off her (or the camera).

And the last one gets put back in the pen.

Here’s a few more around the bird run and surrounding area I took.

And finally, more on the bowhunting season saga. I have a Barnett Recruit crossbow that, when shooting target arrows puts together groups like this every time:

No bigger than the vitals area of a deer.

Now, I don’t know whats going on. I have used this crossbow for 4 seasons now and always do well with it. No matter what length or brand of bolt I use. But I have now missed–flat out MISSED several deer this season. I put this group together today, just to take the picture. Same rough distance from the target as my blind is from the feeder. The only difference is, obviously when I am shooting at deer I have broadheads on the end, not target tips. I actually saw one bolt leave the weapon and go way to the right immediately out of the chute. If you know anything about bow hunting, what is going on here? The sight picture is exactly the same. I don’t jerk it. I am not breathing hard. I can’t figure it out.

Anyway, please keep an eye on your email if you are subscriber. We have some new products coming for Christmas. And don’t forget to check out the store site in the meantime. You might see something you missed before.

Ljubomir Store Site

Take care, and happy farming.