Husband and little man go for first “hunt.”

We have a fox problem, which in this case means sitting out under a tree with a 12 gauge and waiting to see him run by. It was pretty low intensity and safe, so Scott decided to take our middle boy, David out to watch.

He hit the fox twice, knocked it down twice and it still ran off into the woods. The vultures will tell us where it died.

And by the way, that hat you see my super cute husband wearing is for sale  on the Ljubomir Store site.

Pregnant lady and her husband make a glass bowl

This weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, which was officially last Saturday. We went to Salado, TX and left the kids behind with “gammy” (Mychaels mom, who lives with us). As always, we like to share with our readers the local stuff, spend money locally and endorse what we liked. So, here it goes.

We stayed at the Yellow House Bed and Breakfast.

Approach to Yellow House B&B from the road.

They have several rooms inside the main house, (where we stayed) and 4 cottages around the outside of the property. They also have a barn that can be used for events. We were the only people staying there this weekend, so breakfast on Sunday was just us.

Main house

Breakfast for two

It was very clean, and the lady and her husband were very accommodating. Also, quite reasonable price-wise compared to the in-town B&Bs in Salado. Only an extra 5 minutes out on  a country road and save 100 bucks per night.

We are considering having Scott’s retirement party there, we liked it so much.

8 years ago, when we originally moved to Texas, we went to Salado Glassworks, and made a green bowl together–which we still have. So we decided to revisit them and do it again.


You get to be a part of the entire process from start to finish. Mychael had to stay behind the yellow line and blow the glass, because she didn’t wear closed-toe shoes.

In this case, we had a last minute scheduling conflict (we had to go to our daughters Nutcracker tryouts because the hurricane pushed it to the right) and they were very nice about it. They let us come 4 hours later than our appointment to do our fun anniversary thing. Salado Glassworks has always been top notch for customer service and you actually learn something about a trade.

We had dinner at The Range at Barton House.

5 start steak. And you need reservations. Also guys, if your pregnant wife wears super uncomfortable black spikey heels just because you like them, she’s probably a keeper.

In town, we also visited Salado Olive Oil, and Salado Winery and Wine Seller. June at Salado Winery is a former Blackhawk pilot and very sweet. Go see her and tell her Scott and Mychael from Ljubomir Farms sent you.

The Sugar Shack, The Strawberry Patch, and McCains Bakery (for lunch) were great too. Salado always makes a great day trip and it did not let us down for our entrance into double digit years of marriage.

We sat by the Salado River and enjoyed the perfect weather for one last moment before heading back to our three hooligans and crazy farm life.

…and our new bowl sits on the counter

Not just “firearms” need to be taken seriously

Yesterday my son put a big bruise on his forehead over his eye from my crossbow optics. Of course, that kind of potential energy can only be made by a full grown adult with the upper body strength to use the cocking device, but it is still a very dangerous weapon. With deer season approaching it was time to get it out and check it, especially since we moved. It can send a bolt downrange at almost 400 fps so you have to respect it.

For now, I have added the broken bolt to my over-the-mantle ‘ode to civil war era officer weaponry–until I think of something better to do with it.

And just a quick update on Ljubomir Farms’ appearances in person! Mychael and I will have a booth at the Burnet Farmer’s Market in Burnet, Tx on the last Saturday in September. If you are in the area, please come out and show us your support (and buy our stuff).

Burnet Farmers Market