D & D Feed Store

Dwayne and his son Patrick of D&D Feed Store in Copperas Cove are the real deal.

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Some videos from the Montana trip

There were a few videos from our recent Montana trip that I could not upload from the property because the internet is relegated to super slow 4G with like one bar up there. So here is some of what you missed.

The first morning after we arrived, I recorded this one to show our working well:

Then, while Mychael sold stuff at the Helena farmers market, I had the job of driving our littlest guy around so he could take a nap:

And finally, the extent to which I will need to get in shape to run to top of our mountain:

We had a lot of fun up there. And I can’t wait to have a beard all the time.

LGDs, birds and our own neglect

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) which include several breeds and cross breeds (like ours, Jack–who is an Anatolian/Great Pyrenees) have a known problem of being a little mouthy with poultry. ¬†They are awesome at protecting larger animals like goats and cows with little to no training. It is something to watch how natural it comes to them.

But Jack has killed several of our birds since we got him last year. He is still young and he only kills the littlest ones. Anything pullet sized and above he pretty much leaves alone. This means there is still time to help him get the hang of it. He killed a top hat today after it squeezed through the fence that surrounds the bird run. He was only out there for a second.

Its not their fault, really. They were not bred to watch birds. Its something some farmers have tried to demand of them later. Birds run funny and are just too tempting it seems for some LGDs.

Now we have 8 little chicks that have been inside this thing for a couple of days:

Today, when I went out and found the dead top hat, two of these had jumped out. They all escaped Jacks mouth. So I decided it was time to secure them correctly. Plus, its supposed to get a little cold tonight and there is no heat lamp in the coop.

And, I did appropriately reprimand Jack, who clearly feels bad about what he has done:


Jack really is a fantastic LGD. Anything that comes in to our property would enter from this big meadow behind us. The fox that lives back there stays clear now. Jack is vigilant, and never misses a thing:

Back to normal

We are more or less settled into the Kempner location now. And we have been pretty busy.

The deer are now congregating regularly right outside our back window:

And we have not lost one bird since our LGD, Jack returned with us from Montana. We got two new ones. A top hat and a white leghorn.

We added a new piece of equipment:

And Mychael is really starting to show now. Even when standing straight up:

We are solidly within the 2 year countdown to our final move to Montana, but we are ready to have some fun here and learn a little more. For those of our readers who live here in Texas, we plan on setting up our booth at the farmers market in Gruene, Tx on the third weekend in September.  (The 16th and 17th). We hope you will come out and see us.