Move, trip and back to work

Well, we finished our move from Spring Branch and back into our old/new house in Kempner, Tx. We were away from the house for the last two years while Scott was in an academic position at Fort Sam Houston. We missed our nice home and are glad to be back in it. Although, the renters did not take very good care of it. For example, the first night we were back, the AC failed due to the filters (the house has two ACs) not being changed the entire time:

Two years worth of dust build up on the coils.

There were lots of other things wrong, so the deposit was exhausted and then some in order to get it back to the condition we left it in.

In the middle of the move, we took a trip to the Montana location, and had a great time. We visited the Serbian Orthodox Church in Butte, which will be our home congregation when we finally move there:




Scott took the kids for a hike around the property:




And we got to sell our stuff at the Helena Farmers Market:




We saw the Gates of the Mountains, Great Falls (where our barn builder is located), and so much beauty we didn’t want to leave.

When we got home to our not-so-well-maintained house, we were a little bummed. But Scott got a little perked up unpacking and putting away some of his favorite things:


We are now just about settled in, and we will be putting together some pictures and videos of the new place. It’s much smaller, but it’s nicer and the facilities are better.

Oh, and one last thing. Mychael is pregnant again:

Mychael taking a nap on Scott’s lap, twelve week bump starting to show.

We hope our readers will rejoice with us in this news as we have been blessed beyond what we deserve or could ever hope for. Baby Klajic # 4 is due in February.

See you soon!


On the road!

We made it to Montana!

RV parked on the Montana Ljubomir site!

If you are in the Helena area, please come see us for our debut farmers market appearance, here:

We will have a booth selling our products this Saturday, July 8th!

We hope to see you there.