Another great review

Does this mean that Ljubomir Farms is the official hobby farm of MMA, since local fighter William Hollingworth has endorsed us?

We hope you enjoy the ajvar, the preserves and the t-shirt. And thanks for the review!

Family time on the farm

Our move back to our old place near Fort Hood is approaching fast, and we decided to put collars on the goats today. We aren’t sure if they will stay contained at our place up there, so until we have it secured it perfectly, its probably a good idea to make sure they can be identified if they end up on a neighbors property.

So, all of us, including the littlest guy, Aleks spent some time in the goat pen, trying to wrangle them up.

Even the little ones are tough to tackle

Action shot!

Our horse, Ginger is photo bombing this one

David got to tag the last one

Everybody happy wearing their “clothes.”

…and we also inherited a new duck today. She is getting along with everyone just fine.

Here at Ljubomir Farms, we try to do everything as a family!

Vehicle maintenance

We had to get rid of the Excursion, because the engine was toast.

But we still need a full-size, 4×4 SUV and we are a true Ford family. So we got a 2008 Expedition, which is a little older than our previous one but a little nicer.

It has a crazy buzz coming from the one of the pulleys, which is often mistaken for a bad power steering pump.

This was a skill level 2-3/10 job depending on your experience. It requires only 2 tools. An 8mm socket to remove the air intake manifold and a 1/2″ breaker bar. The only thing that would have made it easier would be a second set of hands when releasing the tension. This would make it easier to get the serpentine belt around the last pulley. Other than that, super easy.

The Ford 5.4L is not  a bad motor, but these pulleys are notorious for failing. Now that I have this done, I think we are ready for our next two hauls. One when we head back up to Kempner, and then two  days later we depart for Montana for a 17 day vacation up there.

Edited to add: It occurred to me there is no “before” video with the noise. However, if you go back and watch this video, the Expedition was idling in the background and you can hear it. It was obnoxious.

Starting to seem real now

For readers who don’t know, my husband isn’t just a hunky farmer/rancher who drives a big truck. He’s also a clinical psychologist and active duty army officer. For the past two years, he has been in an academic position. The technical title is, Chief, Special Subjects Branch, Department of Behavioral Health Sciences, AMEDD Center and School. Can you tell I’m a little proud of him?

Anyway, today was his going away luncheon and they gave him an award and a funny gift. A red stapler, as a reference to the movie “Office Space.” You see, Scott is a self proclaimed crusader against bureaucracy. Stupid stuff at work makes him a little crazy.

Here are some pictures from the send off. I cut out his boss because I didn’t ask him if it was OK.

Red stapler gift

…and a desk name plate.


And we snapped a quick photo with all of us at the end.

It’s been a different kind of assignment for him, one they call a “broadening assignment.” Well, whatever. We are heading back to Fort Hood for what will be Scott’s last duty station before he leaves the army and we can move to Montana. The going away luncheon just made it a little more real.

Ljubomir Farms recipe book?

I had an idea yesterday for a recipe book that celebrates the meals the patriarchs of both mine and my husbands families loved. If you search the internet you will find millions of books that focus on the recipes themselves, which is generally a woman-focused endeavor.

But what about the men who dreamed the dreams, provided the back breaking labor, working the land, and keeping the lights on? My recipe book would be focused on the meals that men like Ljubivoje Kljajic (Scotts dad), Eugene Long (my grandpa), Lonnie Leach (Scotts grandpa) and other men loved to come home to. These dishes kept them strong, healthy and ready to go fight the battles of the next day.

Book cover idea

What do you think?

Special thanks to Scott for the cover concept.


Taking it on the road

Today our canvas banner came. We will be taking Ljubomir Farms’ products on the road to local farmers markets as soon as we build up our inventory and all our permits come through. If the timing is right, our first market might actually be in Helena, Montana–while we are on vacation!


Stick around for updates about locations once we get it all figured out!