Tea Towels, ready to order!

Mychael has been working hard on new products all week, here are some pics of the Tea Towels in various stages of sewing.

“Antique style tea towels. Made from 100% unbleached & preshrunk cotton. Monogrammed towels will be made on order. Please indicate letter & wreath style. The letters  A & C have the small leaf style. The letter B has the large leaf style.”

Here’s how to order them


And for a little bit of truth in advertising…

Although we do make our jellies from fruit grown at our own place, in order to make the kind of volume we are hoping to sell this year, Mychael took the kids to one of our local growers–

Sweetberry Farm, Marble Falls, Tx.

At Sweetberry, you can browse their entire farm and pick what you want. Its a great place to visit at Halloween, too.

As you can see, harvesting around here is a family affair, but we wanted to make sure the customers know–not EVERY berry comes from our trees!

In case you were wondering…

Here’s the proof! Mychael actually makes all this stuff by hand. So once we become bazillionaires and we have “people” to make it for us and just stamp it with the Ljubomir brand, you won’t be able to say “I got this back when they were literally hand made by the owners wife.”

These will be ready to order in about a week (along with the jellies).

And by the way, if you have any items you would like to see us try to make, put it in the comments!

Don’t forget to stop by our store: Ljubomir Farms

Ljubomir Farms’ 4th spring.

It’s warming up in Texas and Scott brought in this weeks load of feed.

And for the millionth time the tailgate on the truck got stuck when we tried to offload the round bale. We don’t have a front loader with bale attachment (yet) so we just open the tailgate and roll it out. But its been sticking and finally got super stuck this time. It does this when there is pressure on it from the inside. Eventually he got it open, but the tailgate got damaged in the process. Anyone have any idea why the latch sticks like that?

Maggie (our rescue donkey) and her daughter Mary, were happy.

Our middle son loves his Maggie.

One morning we woke up and this little girl was in the donkey pen. We had no idea Maggie was pregnant!

Also–when we bought the truck (a used 2009 F250) it had a horrible rattle coming from the tailpipe, which the dealer promised to fix. Scott took it back to the dealer several times and they never made the rattle go away. So over this past weekend, he crawled under and noticed the mounting hardware simply needed a new screw:

Problem solved. Is it common from mechanics to be this lazy? It took Scott 10 minutes to fix what they could not figure out in 3 trips and several hours of his time.

The mulberry tree is starting to bear fruit again so we will be harvesting and canning some preserves soon.

Being married to an army officer has made this hobby farming business a pain in the butt. We are moving, one last time meaning we have to haul our entire farm to the next location. Luckily, its just up the road and we already own a home there. If you know anything about PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves–they are pretty stressful, even if its a good thing. I’ll be glad when Scott is done.

After this one, he is out and off we go to Montana.