Buy American, and Christian if you can

I have committed both Mychael and myself to using vendors and products who originate or do most of their business locally, or at least in America. If you want to feed the families of your fellow Americans, you have to do this. Even if the cost is a bit more for whatever reason, its worth it. So here are some of the products and vendors we have used, or currently use to make Ljubomir Farms work.

The pot we use to sterilize our jars is from Graniteware.  Located in Illinois, they are making products that are superior to standard non-stick surfaces, opting instead for glass-based pots and pans.

No strangers to controversy, Hobby Lobby is American, Christian and stands up for what they believe.

Ball (and Kerr)  are the jars we use for canning. Also made in America.

Locally, while living closer to San Antonio, we  have loved Struttys. We will be sad to leave the area, and we hope if you are local you will use them. They are very good to their customers, and don’t make you feel stupid if you are new at farming!

Closer to our place up near Fort Hood, are D&D Feed and Hill Country Feed and Supply.

We have adopted from and support Crossfire Equine Rescue here in central Texas as well.

And who can forget Sweetberry Farm, in Marble Falls, Texas. This is a great place to pick your own fruits, and a wholesome location to spend pumpkin hunting for Halloween.

Try to keep it local, and Christian if you can. It’s really important.


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