Family and faith. What else is there?

This weekend, Scott’s brother Alex came to visit. We haven’t seen him in a few years, so he has never met our youngest son, Aleksandar, who is named after him. He brought his very sweet girlfriend, Cherrie, who took most of these pictures.

Alex and Aleks Klajic.

He finally got to see our farm and get acquainted with our version of Ljubivoje’s dream.

Kenna shows uncle Alex the greenhouse.

Uncle Alex teaching David to use his new slingshot.

Pushing Kenna on the rope swing.

Cradling one of our pullets.

And holding a goat.

Alex is the oldest living Klajic male, thereby making him the family patriarch, according to our tradition. He and Scott spent some time catching up.

Ljubomir farms boys.

The next day, we went to church together.

David sits on uncle Alex’ lap listening to Fr. Drago’s homily.

Brothers sharing Serbian plumb brandy after church. Ziveli!

And I got to visit with him too. He is a softer spoken version of my husband. But the resemblance in mannerisms and demeanor is striking.

A snap shot of all of us this afternoon.

And this last one is a bit of an inside joke. All of our children sit exactly like their uncle–on their back with legs folded in this manner. (Even little Aleks started doing it but he had already gone to bed). Nobody ever taught them this, because they all started doing it before ever meeting “veliki” (big) Alex. So we quickly snapped a photo of the power of genetics!

We call this “doing the Alex.”

And then he was off. Back to California. And it was the best weekend we have shared in a long while. So long uncle Alex. We hope to see you again, much sooner next time.


2 thoughts on “Family and faith. What else is there?

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  2. Thanks for sharing a small piece of your lives. 🙂 It looks like your weekend was a blast.

    Also, I not only sit like that too, but according to my girlfriend, I sometimes sleep like that as well! Must be a Serbian thing.


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