How the project is coming…


In August, 2015 we bought 15 acres near Marysville, Montana. This would be the site of our hobby farm (hopefully someday, at least partially self-sustaining). Here are the photos Scott took on that trip. He bought it without Mychael seeing it.

LittleFalcon1 LittleFalcon4 LittleFalcon5 LittleFalcon6 LittleFalcon7 LittleFalcon10

It is a good mix of rolling and flat, with some good covered areas and others that are more or less open. About 2/3rds of it is surrounded by conservation easement–so it will never be built on, and the rest of the boundary property is owned by a mining company that is willing to sell it to us. The total, if we buy it all would be about 105 acres.

A year later, we piled everyone into the SUV hooked up the camper and drove 1900 miles (with an infant) to the site. We met our contractor and several sub contractors (including the well driller) as well as one of Scott’s best friends, Marc–an architect who will be the main design consultant on the log home design and build.

Mychael crosses into Montana for the first time in her life.

Marc (left) Mychael, our general contractor and his wife discuss plans, standing on the exact spot where the home will be.

Scott (middle) and his two best friends, Marc and Garrett stand on the creek bank at Ljubomir.

Putting up boundary markers to keep the detritus out.

And we surprised Scott with this sign.

That was last August. And since then, the project has been in high gear:

Drilling the well

Breaking ground for an RV campsite we will use over the next few summers until we move.

Burying the concrete vault that houses the well pressure tank, and the well control panel. Also the start of the trench that contains the water and power lines to the campsite and meter.

Septic tank and hydrant (RV Campsite)

Meter base.

Completed well site, with courtesy hydrant.

And this is where the project will probably stop for a bit, while we take a look at what is next. The phases, as we hope to complete them are:

Phase one: Well, septic, and power with RV campsite. (DONE!)

Phase two: All outbuildings, fences and gates with studio built above horse barn.

Phase three: Main home.

The barn we have chosen looks like this:

And our main home is basically this floor plan:

Lazarus Log Homes “Cascade with garage”

We are so excited to see the first phase complete. It is truly motivating and we can’t wait to drive up there and see all the work first hand this summer.