Mikey & Me coming to Ljubomir

We’ve extended our product line just in time for Christmas.

Welcome, Mikey & Me.

When I was growing up my nickname was Mikey. Yes I was a freckle-faced kid who loved to eat. I also loved to create. I grew up in a home with an artist, my mom. So it was inevitable that we would be on this venture together. Anyway, this is the culmination of a life long love of creating & wanting to make toys for kids that are reminiscent of times past.

Little Mikey

We’re happy to introduce Beula & Shamus. Beula in the finished product will be a bit different then the one pictured. Each one made will have an original outfit on with special one of a kind outfits to purchase.


Shamus is also a one of a kind for each one ordered:

Down the line we’ll have Ruck blocks, Ally’s alphabet & Rufus rattle blocks. Keep checking back on our paid site for new posts on our upcoming line.

Ljubomir Store Site



More from the newbie chronicles

As most of our readers know, part of the fun of this blog is that we are basically new at the whole hobby farming/sustainable living/prepping for the end of the world thing. Plus we are both southern California natives–and that means everything you think it means. Mychael was a beach beauty/part time model/girl from Long Beach and I was the basic SoCal counterpart to that growing up. Not farmers. Not ranchers. So this whole thing is completely out of our element for us.

Enter–antibiotics for chickens with eye sores.

MicrocynAH Opthalmic Gel

Took us a half hour to find this stuff at Tractor Supply. Wandering through the aisles of equine medicines, electric fencing materials, air compressors and coveralls. I always feel like a retard. Finally, we found the chicken medicine section.

You see, the current batch of chicks have been getting beat up by our Plymouth Rocks. (That’s a chicken breed, if you don’t know). They get pecked around the eyes a lot and it looks pretty bad. So we are shoring up the area where the chicks live, and Mychael and Kenna applied this stuff to them today.

I took some pictures, and also played around with some editing/overlays.

Headed out to the coop.

This is the little holding pen the chicks live in during the day

First one wasn’t too bad

This one had pretty bad eye sores.

And the worst one.

A little TLC from “mommy” and Kenna, and they were feeling much better.

44, pregnant out to here, no makeup, pony tail, and I still can’t take my eyes off her (or the camera).

And the last one gets put back in the pen.

Here’s a few more around the bird run and surrounding area I took.

And finally, more on the bowhunting season saga. I have a Barnett Recruit crossbow that, when shooting target arrows puts together groups like this every time:

No bigger than the vitals area of a deer.

Now, I don’t know whats going on. I have used this crossbow for 4 seasons now and always do well with it. No matter what length or brand of bolt I use. But I have now missed–flat out MISSED several deer this season. I put this group together today, just to take the picture. Same rough distance from the target as my blind is from the feeder. The only difference is, obviously when I am shooting at deer I have broadheads on the end, not target tips. I actually saw one bolt leave the weapon and go way to the right immediately out of the chute. If you know anything about bow hunting, what is going on here? The sight picture is exactly the same. I don’t jerk it. I am not breathing hard. I can’t figure it out.

Anyway, please keep an eye on your email if you are subscriber. We have some new products coming for Christmas. And don’t forget to check out the store site in the meantime. You might see something you missed before.

Ljubomir Store Site

Take care, and happy farming.

Husband and little man go for first “hunt.”

We have a fox problem, which in this case means sitting out under a tree with a 12 gauge and waiting to see him run by. It was pretty low intensity and safe, so Scott decided to take our middle boy, David out to watch.

He hit the fox twice, knocked it down twice and it still ran off into the woods. The vultures will tell us where it died.

And by the way, that hat you see my super cute husband wearing is for sale  on the Ljubomir Store site.

Pregnant lady and her husband make a glass bowl

This weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, which was officially last Saturday. We went to Salado, TX and left the kids behind with “gammy” (Mychaels mom, who lives with us). As always, we like to share with our readers the local stuff, spend money locally and endorse what we liked. So, here it goes.

We stayed at the Yellow House Bed and Breakfast.

Approach to Yellow House B&B from the road.

They have several rooms inside the main house, (where we stayed) and 4 cottages around the outside of the property. They also have a barn that can be used for events. We were the only people staying there this weekend, so breakfast on Sunday was just us.

Main house

Breakfast for two

It was very clean, and the lady and her husband were very accommodating. Also, quite reasonable price-wise compared to the in-town B&Bs in Salado. Only an extra 5 minutes out on  a country road and save 100 bucks per night.

We are considering having Scott’s retirement party there, we liked it so much.

8 years ago, when we originally moved to Texas, we went to Salado Glassworks, and made a green bowl together–which we still have. So we decided to revisit them and do it again.


You get to be a part of the entire process from start to finish. Mychael had to stay behind the yellow line and blow the glass, because she didn’t wear closed-toe shoes.

In this case, we had a last minute scheduling conflict (we had to go to our daughters Nutcracker tryouts because the hurricane pushed it to the right) and they were very nice about it. They let us come 4 hours later than our appointment to do our fun anniversary thing. Salado Glassworks has always been top notch for customer service and you actually learn something about a trade.

We had dinner at The Range at Barton House.

5 start steak. And you need reservations. Also guys, if your pregnant wife wears super uncomfortable black spikey heels just because you like them, she’s probably a keeper.

In town, we also visited Salado Olive Oil, and Salado Winery and Wine Seller. June at Salado Winery is a former Blackhawk pilot and very sweet. Go see her and tell her Scott and Mychael from Ljubomir Farms sent you.

The Sugar Shack, The Strawberry Patch, and McCains Bakery (for lunch) were great too. Salado always makes a great day trip and it did not let us down for our entrance into double digit years of marriage.

We sat by the Salado River and enjoyed the perfect weather for one last moment before heading back to our three hooligans and crazy farm life.

…and our new bowl sits on the counter

Not just “firearms” need to be taken seriously

Yesterday my son put a big bruise on his forehead over his eye from my crossbow optics. Of course, that kind of potential energy can only be made by a full grown adult with the upper body strength to use the cocking device, but it is still a very dangerous weapon. With deer season approaching it was time to get it out and check it, especially since we moved. It can send a bolt downrange at almost 400 fps so you have to respect it.

For now, I have added the broken bolt to my over-the-mantle ‘ode to civil war era officer weaponry–until I think of something better to do with it.

And just a quick update on Ljubomir Farms’ appearances in person! Mychael and I will have a booth at the Burnet Farmer’s Market in Burnet, Tx on the last Saturday in September. If you are in the area, please come out and show us your support (and buy our stuff).

Burnet Farmers Market

Some videos from the Montana trip

There were a few videos from our recent Montana trip that I could not upload from the property because the internet is relegated to super slow 4G with like one bar up there. So here is some of what you missed.

The first morning after we arrived, I recorded this one to show our working well:

Then, while Mychael sold stuff at the Helena farmers market, I had the job of driving our littlest guy around so he could take a nap:

And finally, the extent to which I will need to get in shape to run to top of our mountain:

We had a lot of fun up there. And I can’t wait to have a beard all the time.

LGDs, birds and our own neglect

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) which include several breeds and cross breeds (like ours, Jack–who is an Anatolian/Great Pyrenees) have a known problem of being a little mouthy with poultry.  They are awesome at protecting larger animals like goats and cows with little to no training. It is something to watch how natural it comes to them.

But Jack has killed several of our birds since we got him last year. He is still young and he only kills the littlest ones. Anything pullet sized and above he pretty much leaves alone. This means there is still time to help him get the hang of it. He killed a top hat today after it squeezed through the fence that surrounds the bird run. He was only out there for a second.

Its not their fault, really. They were not bred to watch birds. Its something some farmers have tried to demand of them later. Birds run funny and are just too tempting it seems for some LGDs.

Now we have 8 little chicks that have been inside this thing for a couple of days:

Today, when I went out and found the dead top hat, two of these had jumped out. They all escaped Jacks mouth. So I decided it was time to secure them correctly. Plus, its supposed to get a little cold tonight and there is no heat lamp in the coop.

And, I did appropriately reprimand Jack, who clearly feels bad about what he has done:


Jack really is a fantastic LGD. Anything that comes in to our property would enter from this big meadow behind us. The fox that lives back there stays clear now. Jack is vigilant, and never misses a thing:

Back to normal

We are more or less settled into the Kempner location now. And we have been pretty busy.

The deer are now congregating regularly right outside our back window:

And we have not lost one bird since our LGD, Jack returned with us from Montana. We got two new ones. A top hat and a white leghorn.

We added a new piece of equipment:

And Mychael is really starting to show now. Even when standing straight up:

We are solidly within the 2 year countdown to our final move to Montana, but we are ready to have some fun here and learn a little more. For those of our readers who live here in Texas, we plan on setting up our booth at the farmers market in Gruene, Tx on the third weekend in September.  (The 16th and 17th). We hope you will come out and see us.


Move, trip and back to work

Well, we finished our move from Spring Branch and back into our old/new house in Kempner, Tx. We were away from the house for the last two years while Scott was in an academic position at Fort Sam Houston. We missed our nice home and are glad to be back in it. Although, the renters did not take very good care of it. For example, the first night we were back, the AC failed due to the filters (the house has two ACs) not being changed the entire time:

Two years worth of dust build up on the coils.

There were lots of other things wrong, so the deposit was exhausted and then some in order to get it back to the condition we left it in.

In the middle of the move, we took a trip to the Montana location, and had a great time. We visited the Serbian Orthodox Church in Butte, which will be our home congregation when we finally move there:

Scott took the kids for a hike around the property:

And we got to sell our stuff at the Helena Farmers Market:

We saw the Gates of the Mountains, Great Falls (where our barn builder is located), and so much beauty we didn’t want to leave.

When we got home to our not-so-well-maintained house, we were a little bummed. But Scott got a little perked up unpacking and putting away some of his favorite things:

We are now just about settled in, and we will be putting together some pictures and videos of the new place. It’s much smaller, but it’s nicer and the facilities are better.

Oh, and one last thing. Mychael is pregnant again:

Mychael taking a nap on Scott’s lap, twelve week bump starting to show.

We hope our readers will rejoice with us in this news as we have been blessed beyond what we deserve or could ever hope for. Baby Klajic # 4 is due in February.

See you soon!