Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main, new products on the store site!

We had a great time at Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main last Saturday. We met a lot of nice people and sold some goodies.

The weather was great and even though Scott was a little under the weather, he stuck it out and did the heavy lifting as always. At the end of the day we packed it up and said goodbye to new friends.

And now we are ready to fully introduce the Mikey and Me Collection, which has its own dedicated page on the store site:

Mikey and Me.

There are some additional new products online just in time for Christmas, like these pillows:

Square Christmas Pillows

So come by and take a look! Take care,


Scott and Mychael.


Two days until Christmas on Main!

This week was crazy. We had to jam three weeks into one, because Scott was pulled away at the last minute for a two mission in California. So, we had to get out to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and get our tree:

Scott and David tie the tree to the top of the car.

We had to get the house decorated, outside and in. We also had to pick up a couple of new Americanas, because we have had bad luck with chicks from the big chain stores (out of eleven, only 4 lived). So we went back to see our friends Gordon and Tiffany Lester at Hill Country Feed and picked up two that almost ready to start to laying. The local hatchers tend to take better care of their birds.

And all the while, Mychael picked up a couple of mid-week shifts at the hospital and continued to sew her butt off making the last few items to sell this Saturday at Marble Falls Christmas Market on Main.

Cloth baby rattle cubes and Christmas wands.

And now, Scott is sick, which pretty much means a lot of the heavy lifting/outside farming stuff grinds to a halt. We hope he gets better before Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing anyone willing to come out. Its supposed to be a pretty nice day.

So this evening, we finished decorating the tree and built a fire.

1100 lights on our 12 foot tree!

Little pyros.

I think we are caught up, sort of. Just one last push til the big day. We hope to see you there!

Scott and Mychael

Mikey and Me line ready for sale–but only at Christmas on Main!

Mychael and her mom have been working their butts off getting ready for our appearance at the Christmas on Main market in Marble Falls. The event is on December ninth in historic downtown Marble Falls.

And make sure you are aware–the first batch of these will only be sold at the market. Once we come back from that event, we will place the remaining inventory on the store site for purchase.

We will also be bringing Milica’s Gathering Aprons (no two are exactly the same) and Tea Towels which can you buy at the market or order special with whatever image you want.

But, the Mikey and Me line is the featured attraction. Check these out:

I knew my wife was talented, but these are truly impressive. Each one is hand made, one at a time. And no two are the same. So come out to Marble Falls and see us. We are really looking forward to it!

Taking it on the road again

If you would like to see us in person, please come by Christmas Market on Main, in Marble Falls Texas. It’s coming up on December 9th and 10th:

Christmas Market on Main

We will be bringing all our inventory, including the newest items–Mychael’s Christmas Jelly and Mikey and Me:

First batch of Christmas Jelly off the assembly line.

We would love to meet our customers if you can make it. Merry Christmas and see you there!

Christmas Jelly is ready!

Today we spent the day getting one of our Christmas products ready–a jelly made with cranberries, strawberries and orange.  We had to get organized first and Mychael and Gammy had to catch up on sewing.

Same basic process as last time, just its easier now that we are back in our nicer house.

Fresh, clean, cranberries, strawberries and oranges.

Zesting the orange peels.

Sterilizing the jars.

Boiling up the ingredients.

All while Aleksandar sleeps the afternoon away.

First batch of Christmas Jelly off the assembly line.

Stop by the store and buy some before Christmas!

Christmas Jelly at Ljubomir Farms

Ljubomir Farms goes to Scotland

Well, we didn’t really go to Scotland. However, the Klajic clan is not just Serbian. Our family has quite a bit of Scot in the tree. There are names like Leach, Gehring, Cooper, and others. In fact, Mychael’s family can be traced all the way back to Wallace–yes, that Wallace.

So we went to the Scottish Gathering and Highland Games in Salado today. We saw some pretty cool stuff there.

We snapped a picture of Mychaels mom with the Wallace tartan.

Three generations. Laura, Mychael and Kathryn (due in February)

Leach Tartan:

And of course, the coolest part–the music.

It seems we are also settling into a new “tradition.” At the end of a day like this, we always sit on a bench somewhere and watch the kids play for a few minutes before heading home.

Kindness Ammunition

Since our site is basically a homesteading/survival oriented one, many of our readers are pretty avid shooters.

AND since the proprietors here are family (Tara, in the video is Mychael’s cousin, and her husband, David is the guy who came up with the idea) have a look at this-

Here is their Indiegogo site:

Kindness Ammunition

Of course, I have always loved that awesome putrid smell of lead dust while at the indoor ranges. Its all part of the experience. Smells like bad guys dying. But, its probably bad for you, especially if you shoot a lot.


Sweetberry Farm

For the 7 years we have lived in central Texas, we have gone to Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls every October for pumpkin hunting.

Its over an hour from our place, but it is one of those holdovers of basic civility and wholesome values (the original owner was a baptist minister) that feels a little like America probably used to feel not far back in time. They have pony rides, flower picking, a “berry jump,” corn maze, hay ride, and a number of other activities to keep you busy before you pick your pumpkins and head out. Parking is free, and the attractions are not too pricey either. Here’s what our visit looked like this year.

Last year, blogger pal Cane Caldo and his family joined us, but his kids are a little old for pony rides and face painting now.

They also have berry picking in the spring. We supplement our jellies that way. Hope you get the time to head out.

Sulpher Creek Taxidermy and Processing

Today me and the two smaller versions of myself had some errands to run. First we headed to D&D Feed Store to pick up a few bales of hay and some bags of feed.

After that it was time to pick up our processed venison. Over the years we have lived here, I have used several different processors along the 190 corridor between Copperas Cove and Lampasas, and I have not found one that beats Sulphur Creek Taxidermy and Processing. The various sausages and jerkies are really where the difference is, in my opinion. And you cannot beat Jed’s perfected versions of summer sausage and snack rings.

Snack ring and summer sausage.

My oldest boy, David, sort of remembers this place from last time, so he cautiously peered through the window first. The deer are processed right on the other side of that window and it’s pretty gruesome.

Making sure the coast is clear.

Jed is also getting into the beekeeping thing, so I bought a bottle of his honey:

Honey pollenated right here in central Texas.

If you deal with seasonal allergies, bee from local hives is the way to relieve it–trust me.  The taxidermy is high quality, and Jed has a large display of his work.

I snapped a photo with Jed and my boys, and we were off.

Jed, David and Aleks.

Now, David and Aleks love helping me unload the truck and riding on the tractor. So, once we got back from Sulphur Creek, we had lunch and got to work. I had “gam” (MIL) take some videos and then I merged it together with the trial version of Movavi software (hence the obnoxious trial overlay). I will probably buy the full version because I found it to be very easy to work with–a lot of clicking and dragging–simple. That’s what I need because I am not a tech geek.

And now the animals are fed, and the freezer stock just got a little bigger.

If you bag a deer anywhere near here, (Fort Hood/Cove/Kempner/Lampasas) go see Jed. You will not regret it, even if you have to drive a little further.